Monday, August 2, 2010

And the Winner Is...

Congratulations Leticia Castillo 

Leticia is the 1st ever Upcycled by Ash giveaway winner
and the proud new owner of the Sassy Chica Wallet!!!

I used to determine the winner of the Sassy Chica Wallet. I have to say I wasn't too suprised when Leticia turned out to be the winner. She must really love this wallet. She entered the giveaway everyday. She left comments on the blog and she tweeted it out like crazy (@lcastillo8246)! I know the Sassy Chica is going to a good home. Thanks Leticia for all your support!

Later this month I will be doing another giveaway. This time the prize will be one of my upcycled messenger totes. 

Also stay tuned this month for my first attempt at making a unisex wallet. That's right boys, I'm going to upcycle for you too!  

Thank you to everyone who entered the Sassy Chica Wallet Giveaway. I loved reading all your comments and checking out your blogs!  

View the original post and see more pictures of the wallet- 


  1. Yay, I won! This is totally great. I've been having the best luck lately. I won an autographed photo of someone I adore. Someone famous decided to follow me on twitter and now this. At this rate, I should try to win the lottery. Ashley you're the greatest, I could never be as crafty and/or creative as you. I'm glad to help advertise your amazing work.

  2. The giveaway was a fantastic idea, Ashley your talents are amazing!

  3. Congrats Leticia!!! What an amazing wallet to win!!! Enjoy it!


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