Upcycled Crafts

Alyssa Milano's Pants
I tweeted actress Alyssa Milano until she sent me two pairs of her pants. I took them apart, then sewed them back together as bags and sold them in an Auction to benefit the National Wildlife Federation. That was pretty cool!

I love crafting, I always have. In high school Home-Economics class, I got in trouble for sewing too fast. I still sew fast, and I have to say I have never hurt myself, so I still don't understand what my teacher was so worried about.

My boyfriend calls me a craft geek but his kids think I'm a superhero. I like that, and I love that they always want to make something with me.

This blog used to be solely devoted to my crafting creations, now days I find that I'm having more fun crafting with the kids and teaching eco-friendly crafting workshops to others. Stay tuned though, I'm thinking about re-opening an online store.

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