Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Be Square Quilted Wallet

Be Square Quilted Wallet - $50

Fun Squares and retro modern quilting make this 
handmade freecycled wallet and eye-catcher!

It's been a while since I had a wallet to post, and to be honest I made this one last fall but I never got around to posting it. I'm not really sure what happened but when I went through my stock I found it, photographed it and now I've posted it. Next step... Someone needs to but it!

The interior has eight credit card pockets and two deep pockets for bills/checks/receipts. A simple snap closure keeps your valuables secure inside. 

To make a purchase contact me at: or send me a tweet @upcycledbyash
Payments are via PayPal, Credit Card or Personal Check 
additional charge for international shipping.


  1. Beautiful! Your wallets have a lot of colors which i like...
    Plastic Business Cards
    Plastic Business Cards
    Plastic Business Cards

  2. Square wallets made from leather come in a huge variety of styles, shapes, and colors. You may prefer a wallet that is square in shape and large, or perhaps you want a rectangular wallet that is pocket sized.


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