Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Do I Dare Etsy Again?

Bubble Wands
I've been contemplating re-opening a store on Esty, or maybe I should go with the the free site Storenvy... The real question is do I want to do all that again. It's actually a lot of work to take and then load all the photos, add descriptions and then promote the products. Then there are all the logistics of shipping and actually going to the post office on a regular basis.

If I'm going to do it, this time I need to employ a better system.

Etsy or Storenvy?
Etsy is more well known but Storenvy can actually integrate into my blog so that is probably the smarter option. Storenvy is also free. Etsy always seemed to be charging me for something; posting, selling, having a store...

What to Make/Sell?
Last time I made a ton of different one off items. Each of them took hours to make, photograph and post. In the end I wasn't making enough to make it worth while. I'm currently making some really cool upcycled iPhone, iPad and Kindle cases. They are much quicker to make so I can keep my prices down and not feel like I am ripping myself off. Plus they are standard sizes so I can figure out the prices for shipping and easily ship from home, no weekly trips to the post office.

The kids and I make a few other simple things too, upcycled bubble wands and key chains would be other easy item for the store. The cost to make them is a bit higher but the yield is high too so it would balance out.

I think limiting the products in the store would actually be good for sales too.

Getting Started:
This is actually going to be the most difficult step. I'm busy. I need to create and inventory and photograph it before I even get to the setting up a store part! I think I need to mill it over a bit longer and then set a goal. If I can get some products made in the next month I will be able to come up with a timeline.

I'm excited by the prospect and after putting it all down on "paper" I think I really do want to go for it again!

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