Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Orange Appeal

 Orange Appeal For the Gulf Wallet

50% of the proceeds from this item went to @NWF.

I love the colors of this wallet! It looks so great. I finally pulled my finger out over the last few days and got some wallets done. More great, unique designs to be posted in the following days.

This wallet isn't so much upcycled as it is freecycled. Freecycling is about giving and getting for free. People have been kind enough to send me fabric donations that they already own to make my items. When I get donations like this, the materials have not been previously whereas my upcycled items are made form clothing someone use to wear.  It's all about reduce, reuse and recycle!

The quilted fabrics of this wallet are rich reds, oranges and browns. I used the same colors for the stitching.I added a nice orange zigzag stitch to some of the pieces on the outside of this wallet for fun detail.  The interior has eight credit card pockets and two deep pockets for bills/checks/receipts. A simple snap closure keeps your valuables secure inside.

Price includes shipping and handling. To purchase an item, send an email to me at ashvantol@gmail.com or a tweet @upcycledbyash  


  1. Nani, do you see your cards in the wallet? Always doing a bit of advertising for my friend!

  2. Cute wallet, but I still like mine better.

  3. Leticia, yours is something special! I want to do it again but in oranges & reds.

  4. Beautiful wallet Ashley. I would like to 'freecycle' you some fabric! I have some leftover fabric from an upcycled skirt, and I think it would look lovely on one of your wallets. I will send it to you from Australia. I'll send you an email x

  5. Thanks Erica! That would be awesome!!!

    My husband would like you to send a sausage roll too. We can get meat pies of sausage rolls here, I think that is what he misses most about home!


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