Friday, August 20, 2010

Pin-Up Girls Tote

 Pin-Up Girls
$55 includes shipping

I love the way this bag turned out! I wasn't sure what to do with the Pin-Up Girls fabric when I first got it but now I am inspired. They are so bold and beautiful! 

Bag Details
Big enough to carry magazines and all your personal goodies. The tote is roughly 9 inches deep 14 inches long and has a 2 inch wide bottom. The two straps are 19 inches around, long enough to sling over your elbow or hitch up over your shoulder. There is a full zip across the top of the bag allowing for easy access.

I have plenty of these fabrics thanks to my fantastic freecycle friend Ginger! If you like the bag but you want it in a different size let me know and I'd be happy to whip it up for you.

To make a purchase contact me at: or send me a tweet @upcycledbyash

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  1. oh Ash, this is totally cute. I'd totally love to see that with those fancy wooden handles, to go with the Hawaiian theme...and some animal print of course! =) I can mix animal print in with everything, lol.

  2. I am a new reader to your blog and I positively love it. This bag is outstanding. I shall be saving my pennies!

  3. Hi Ashley...It's Carrie, ya know, from childhood. I had to check out your stuff and it is freakin amazing! I love the pin-up bag. I'm always looking for a funky purse...or wallet....well, almost anything. I told mom about your site also, she thought it was pretty nice. I hope you are feeling & doing well.



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