Thursday, November 18, 2010

To Be or Not to Be... on Etsy That is the Question

OK, honestly I think I already know the answer. I need to get an Etsy shop. It is way to hard to keep up with everything here on my blog! Having an online store is what Etsy was designed for not Blogger.

In the beginning I did not want to use Etsy for two reasons.

#1 I wanted to keep as much of my profits as possible to keep my prices low. I already lose a percentage to PayPal and I have shipping costs to consider too, envelopes; tape, padding and postage are not free. There are additional fees on Etsy that have to be factored in.

#2 Time... Seriously all this blogging, Facebooking and tweeting takes up a lot of time! Adding myself to another online network was more than I wanted to think about.

When I was just sewing this wasn't much of an issue. Projects took a while to complete and there were only a few things a week to post about. I didn't have anything else happening in my life so it was easy to keep up. Now though I have started to play with jewelry making too. Have you seen the earrings I have been making? I think I have about 20 pairs. I know you haven't seen them because I haven't had time to post any of them or the bitch'n necklace I made last week.

There is a wallet that I made last month I haven't been able to post either. To top it all off my Lymenaide project for this coming May is getting started now and I have so much work there that posting a post for each individual item I make and keeping up with the sales here is not going to be an option.

So Etsy, here I come.

The next question; Do I call the store Upcycled by Ash? I'll tackle that question tomorrow.


  1. Be sure to talk to some folks who have had experience with Etsy. Some of them have had not so good experiences in the past. Perhaps that has been resolved, but I think it would be a good idea to check into it. There was even a non-Etsy sponsored discussion/problem-solving group for people on Etsy. I do know other people who've made Etsy work for them, but they do a LOT of promo work on their own. Easy to get lost on Etsy unless you do that.

  2. Yeah, I have talked to a few people with mixed experiences. Most feel that I would do pretty well since I do a lot of promoting anyway with this blog and Lymenaide. I won't stop posting here either, just won't feel so bad that I'm not getting everything up!

    We'll see, I've decided I'm going to do it but I haven't actually taken the plunge yet.

  3. Now that I'm getting better at stuff, I've been contemplating the same thing..


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