Sunday, August 29, 2010

Rummage Reclaim

 Super Sweet Santa Cruz Score

I am so excited about the score I got in Santa Cruz this weekend. I don't go to garage sales that often, but when my parents and I saw the sign for a church rummage sale we decided to go ahead and check it out. Best decision ever! 

I got everything above for $30! Clothing items were only $1 each! I found a few things I've been hoping to receive for weeks, black trousers and tweet jackets & skirts. I love the little animal print footstools; one for me and I just had to get one for my friend Nani. AND the cute tiger print suitcase, and the white drawer unit!!! Hello this is the best rummage sale ever!

I can't believe how much amazing fabric I've got to work with for $30. I can't wait to get home to attack all this great stuff. 

I think I might have lost one of the pants scores to my sister though. I found a great pair of striped pants, the lady selling them told me she paid $200 for them on sale. I got them for $1!!! But, they fit my 6' tall sister perfectly. I know she was wearing them earlier, now I don't see them anywhere...

As a side note, I also went to Harts Fabric to pick up some material for a custom order. Harts in Santa Cruz is one of the best fabric stores I have ever been to. I could easily spend a fortune there. It's not cheap, I spent $17.25 on what equates to about 1 1/2 yards of fabric. The rummage sale was a MUCH better deal, plus I love the challenge of upcycling one person's 'trash' into another's treasure!

Love this little storage score!



  2. yes, that suitcase is the bees knees!! I made several oooohs & aaaahhhs when I first opened this page...awesome score indeed Ash! Way to go!

  3. That suitcase is AMAZING!!! Well done! There is a weekly 'flea market find' blog post you might find worth paticipating in on Her Library Adventures

  4. Thanks Erica, I love the site. I wish there were flea markets near me! Next time I am in San Francisco I am going to have to plan to check some out!!!

  5. Rummage sales(or as we call them in the south, garage sales :))are so much fun! I love them. You got some great stuff.

  6. Oh WOW ... so out of Africa ... I'm so envious of all that print ... well done, fabulous finds ;-)

  7. I love that suitcase and the fabrics I cant wait to see what you come up with these things.should sell the suitcase for more and Can you please take a picture of the inside of it would love to see it. thanks


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