Thursday, September 9, 2010

Guitar Hero Wallet

  Guitar Hero
$50 Includes Shipping

My husband plays guitar and as a tribute to music lovers everywhere, enter the Guitar Hero wallet!
I'm happy that all but one of the materials of this wallet are freecycled!

Wallet Details-
I tried something fun with the stitching; what started as a zig zag turned into a pretty unique funky stretched stitch. Each panel has stitch detail and so do certain key prints on the guitar material. This wallet screams a good, fun life!

The interior has eight credit card pockets and two deep pockets for bills/checks/receipts. A simple snap closure keeps your valuables secure inside.

To make a purchase contact me at: or send me a tweet @upcycledbyash
Payments are via PayPal, Credit Card or Personal Check 
additional charge for international shipping

1 comment:

  1. Umm, I am AMAZED at your designs lately! I've always loved them, but I swear they get better and better every single time. I love the "stretched stitch" concept that you were talking about!


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