Sunday, September 12, 2010


Painting the drawers and what the desk looked like before upcycling.

I was away from home for about two weeks. I left here with two regular sized bags, my sewing machine and my dog. By the time my husband came to pick me up from my parents house I had collected enough to fill the entire car. Remember my Garage Sale Score in Santa Cruz? Mom and Grandma took me to Joann Fabric for some bits and bobs, then there was the trip to TJ Max, and dad gave me an old desk plus all the fabric my mom decided to give me since she wasn't using it.

My husband was thrilled (please note the sarcasm). He obediently packed it all into the car for me. We had to squish the dog up on top of the softer items, but the stuff the dog, He and I all fit!

I spent Friday reorganizing my new craft space upstairs and upcycling the ugly little chest of drawers from the garage sale and the old desk from my dad.

Click to see Nook's bite marks
The drawers started out white, well mostly white, it was a pretty dirty little unit. My color choices are more representative of the paints I had verses the colors I would have ideally liked to have used. It's now bright and exciting!

The desk was super dirty. My dad had to scrape some goober off it that none of us had any idea what was. It was also very nostalgic; this is the desk my dad had when I was growing up. Our old Texas Instrument computer use to sit on it, the first computer I ever used. I loved those TI games. Yes, I am older than Nintendo and super Mario brothers.

My dad made the desk himself so even though it is super simple, it's also very special. To top it off our last family dog seems to have gone to town on the front leg side of the thing. The dog, Nanook, died a few years ago but his memory lives on. I made sure to accent those chew marks to honor his memory.

The desk and the drawers don't match at all. I chose to antique the desk. I antiqued an old chest I found on the side of the road last year and I had plenty of paint left over to do the desk.

I'm pretty happy with the way everything turned out. It definitely feels like my space. I still need a bookshelf or regular size dresser to complete my little sewing area, if I'm lucky maybe I will find one on the side of the road when I go out today!

Matching is overrated, upcycling ROCKS!

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