Saturday, October 2, 2010


Gift bag and mini wallet
So I am finally back home and reunited with my sewing machine. Yesterday I whipped up to gifts for an unexpected cause, one more today and they will be ready to ship. Of course I didn't pick any of my current designs to make, that would be way too easy. I decided to make three different things I have never made before. I looked at a pattern for one of them... I didn't end up following it though, I forgot about it and just made it on my own.

in progress
They turned out pretty great so far. The third one is a bit more of a challenge, it's for a man. I've decided to make a wallet using a tie for the material.

While I was away I went to the shopping mall with my mom and loved the ties I saw in the mens section. They were such amazing patterns, colors and materials.

I happen to have three ties that I picked up from a garage sale for $0.25 each! They aren't as colorful as the ones I saw at the store but they are pretty cool designs.

I love my little mini wallet. That design is for sure going to be used again! So cute and pretty quick to make, I'm going to try to whip up a few this weekend. Stay Tuned!

fabric flower on the gift bag
I also, very happily, finally got some shelving for my workspace. We use to have this bookcase where we lived before. It was a cheap one that fell apart when my husband disassembled it to move. We thought it was a lost cause and told my parents to go ahead and throw it out. My dad thought it was salvageable though and tinkered with it until he figured out what we could do to put it back together again. YAY!

It is amazing to actually be able to see everything I have. Before it was all packed in boxes and stacked, talk about a pain in the ass! Now it is neat and tidy, and I am much happier in my space.

All organized and ready to go!
Want to be on my gift list?
Leave a comment telling me what color you'd
like to have for your mini wallet.


  1. I am Moogie (Janulee) and have posted here many times but you probably did not know it was me. It was nice to see your sewing room. I love the things you post on this website. It makes it more and more personal. As far as your work goes, "it rocks" as you young ladies say now-a-days. I like Victorian-looking things, roses mostly with anything that goes. I ask the Lord to bless your finances abundantly beyond belief.

  2. I say a pink wallet would be so pretty! I am a pink kinda gal. LOL
    Of course i think a lime green one would be great also!
    Angie Robertson

  3. Pink, pink and again pink!!!

  4. I saw orange and pink are some awesome colors together. orange is my favorite color its so bold and different just like me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Laura Beaver UscherJanuary 18, 2011 at 7:26 PM

    Ughhh So Jealous of ur sewing room! We just recently bought a new kitchen/ dining room (its kind of all in one, hard to explain) and I just use that and spread out all my stuff on it! I need drawers and stuff to organize but that is soo above me right now!


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