Thursday, October 7, 2010

These Ain't Yo Grandma's Pearls

These Ain't Yo Grandma's Pearls
I tried my hand at jewelry making/beading last night. There is free 'class time' every Wednesday night at the local bead shop. I didn't even know about the shop until my mother-in-law took me there. I'm not sure if it that was a good thing. I may have been better off not knowing the place existed. It was a find for sure. I feel a new hobby coming on...

I haven't done any sort of beading since high school. I admit I made a lot of safety pin bracelets and daisy chains back then. Seeing as those aren't really my style anymore I decided to take full advantage of the class. I really enjoyed it! I'm already dreaming up ideas of what to make next week!

When I first arrived for the class I had no idea what I was going to make. Outside the door on the sales table as I walked in, I had seen the pendant. I decided I would base my creation around that. The challenge was to not make something that looked like Grandma jewelry. Not so easy when your color palate is gold and a rosy copper...

I also wanted something 'messy'. As we got started my helper warned me that this was a fairly advanced project I'd set myself up with. I was up for it! I told her I'd come back and teach the class for her next week.

I was extremely happy with the way the earrings and necklace turned out. I successfully averted making Grandma jewelry with gold, copper and pearls included. I wore my creations out to dinner after class despite the fact they were way too fancy for my old t-shirt and jeans!


  1. Love them! I like the "messy" look too. And that pendent is amazing - I would have gravitated towards it as well. I hope you post more pictures of your work! I'd love to see them.

    From one beader to another :)

  2. I love it! As Always my Oh So Talented friend, you are once again, amazing! Great Job!

  3. Gorgeous! I've been making jewelry for a while now, I'll have to post some pics up as well, my latest creation involved braiding chains for a rocker chic look :)

  4. Thanks All! I had such a good time making them. I really want to go back and do it again. Next time I might try a green theme, hmmm wonder why. I need to make a donation for the Turn the Corner Gala. Can't decide between the Jewelry or the Bags...


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