Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Little Flower Gardern - linked tutorials

My little flower garden
Over the past two three days my mother-in-law and I have been making a dress for me to wear the Turn the Corner Gala I am attending in New York this November. OK, she has been making the dress. Despite the fact I made my wedding dress, I have a little phobia of making clothing. My mother-in-law on the other hand grew up in Holland and learned all about how to be a good wife in school; cooking, sewing, house cleaning, ironing... You should see her mend a sweater!

I have defaulted myself to making the fabric flowers to go on the dress and clutch. (Of course I am making a special bag for the fancy shindig!) My mother-in-law thinks the flowers are the hard part. She can't believe that I can do all these complicated things but I struggle to sew on a button.

These are the three flowers I have made so far, well the successes anyway. I have included the links to the tutorials I used for inspiration. I don't tend to follow any directions exactly so what I've created and what the tutorial teaches may not be the same. For example I totally dug the burned edges from the Mrs. Priss tutorial so I burned all the edges on my flowers.

Floppy Flower

I sort of followed this tutorial from Wise Craft Fall 2010. I didn't actually print out the templates or assemble it at all in the same way... I guess the only thing I did the same was fold the "petals" in half.

Delicate Flower

I loved the flowers on the Mrs Priss Anthropologie Bonheur Necklace! I might need to buy the right fabric and actually try the necklace next.

Ribbon Flower 

This is a pretty typical and easy to make flower. It turned out great! I think this will be the flower I put on the belt of my dress!

To find flower tutorial, there are a ton of them, I browse through Google images for How to Make Fabric Flowers. When I see something I like I click and then follow the link to the actual website/blog with the tutorial. Not all the images end up linking to tutorials but a large percentage of them do.


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