Saturday, December 4, 2010

And the Winner is... Me!

I seriously hope to hear those words one day very soon. I have decided that I am going to win a giveaway and I really hope that it is the giveaway that Kristen from Our Ordinary Life is doing right now! I totally want a Flip UltraHD and she is giving one away! There aren't many things on my Christmas wish list but that is one of them.

I want to start Vloging without needing the help of my husband. I want to record special messages for my friends to cheer them up and make them smile when our chronic illness really has them down. I want to capture living moments with my family to laugh and have warm fuzzies over later.

Before I can do any of that though, I need a camera!

So Universe, God, Self, Who or Whatever; I'm putting it out there and I am expecting you to bring it to me. Ah, Amen?

Enter to win on the Our Ordinary Life website- 

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