Saturday, December 4, 2010

No Crafting for Me :-(

This sucks, and it HURTS! It's totally putting a crimp in my plans too. I just received clothing donations from two friends and I was super excited to start playing. Then this happened.

I did not hit myself with a hammer or slam my hand in a door. It wasn't a bee sting either, although... maybe that would help make it better! Bee venom is a natural pain reliever. (Note to self- If I see a bee, piss it off)

What really happened is far less exciting but perhaps a bit scarier. I've been getting an IV treatment every week for the past five weeks. Something has gone wrong every time. The last two times, 12 hours after the IV push the area around the injection site has swelled up.

Yes, it is hot, pink and painful. Yes, my doctor knows. I am keeping him in the loop and he has me on some ABX for it. I also told him I think it is time to re-evaluate this particular treatment! I'm not interested in having swollen body parts after every injection.

To clarify the first 3 times I did not swell up. Something has gone wrong every time but it's only the last two times that it actually had anything physically to do with my body.

So I am stuck here another day not able to be crafty. My room is getting super messy too. I'm trying my best not to use my hand much, but it is my right hand.

Wish me luck and send me healing thoughts!

1 comment:

  1. OMGOSH! That's bad! When I spoke with you I was thiking another bump, but this time it's your entire hand. Ouch. Let me know if you need help with anything. I know it can be really upsetting when you can't do what you want or even need to do. I hope the swelling goes down soon.


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