Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Damsel in Distress

I don't often ask for help. I'm one of those I can do it myself kind of girls. Unless my husband is around, then I make sure he takes care of all the "boy" jobs. Which is exactly why I found myself needing to ask for help yesterday.

I have a slow leak in one of the tires on my car. I noticed that it was looking really low. I use to know how to change my own tires, but after being with my husband for 11 years and deferring all the "boy" jobs, I don't even remember how to properly fill my tires with air. Pathetic I know.

On the way to my doctors appointment I stopped for gas. I decided that I was going to have to ask someone to help me. The perfect guy just happened to be there. A police officer. Who could be better, right? Isn't his job to help people? I was like a little kitten stuck in a tree, and there was my hero.

I asked him to help and he told me to meet him by the air machine when I was done pumping my gas. Perfect. I was so relieved, until the asshole drove away! Yeah, that's right, the guy got in his car and drove away. What the hell happened to, "to protect and serve"?


  1. Dammmmn that is soo not cool. most cops I know are really generous kind people. wonder if this guy got a call? he at least should have said something....

  2. did you find someone else to help you?

  3. Are you kidding me? How rude. If he is not going to help, he needs to say so.

  4. @Trudy, maybe. I do realize that he could have gotten a call. @Keri eventually. @Marti I know!

    Here is the problem. My tire wasn't just low, it was dangerously low. So by driving off, even if it was for a call, the cop put my safety at priority 0.

    I did go back and stare at the air machine to try to do it myself. It was no help, there weren't any directions. So I drove to my doctors office over an hour away.

    Afterward I went to a Chevron station. They told me it wasn't a good time and they couldn't help me.

    I drove to a 76 station where a very friendly guy check the tire for nails, filled it for me and told me to take it into a tire place as soon as possible because they were most likely going to have to take the tire off to fix it.

    The whole situation was just sort of telling of the state of our culture today. No one has time to help someone else even if it is their job to do so.

    I wasn't just asking for a favor, I was asking these people to help make sure that I was safe on the road for my own sake and the sake of the drivers around me.


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