Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Uncle Bob and His Books

Children's Books by Uncle Bob
Items for the auction to benefit the National Wildlife Federation have started to arrive at my doorstep. It is very exciting and inspirational to see these items and to hear the stories behind them. The two children's books from "Uncle Bob" are my favorite donations so far.

The story behind Uncle Bob and his children's books is truly inspirational. Uncle Bob has a passion for the poor and orphaned children of China. He wrote two books, When I Was a Little Boy I Caught a Rabbit and When I Was a Little Boy I played in a Hayloft. Both books are written in English with the Chinese translation printed below.

The most remarkable part of Uncle Bob's books is the illustrations. Both books have been illustrated by school children in China. Uncle Bob read his stories to the kids and then asked them to make the drawings to go with his stories. He also paid each child $25 for their picture. The result is wonderfully rich and meaningful beyond the story.

The proceeds from Uncle Bob's books go to Threshold Ministries, INC (TMI) a Christian non-profit based in California. TMI and their Hope House for Children, located in Jilin Province, care for the area's poor, orphaned, and abandoned children.

Thank you Uncle Bob, for sharing your passion with us and for helping us spread awareness and raise funds for the National Wildlife Federation.

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  1. Just awesome!!!! What a great story behind the story and I LOVE that it is illustrated by children! =)


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