Monday, July 23, 2012

Lyme Awareness Bracelet Giveaway

Lyme Awareness Beaded Wrap Bracelet Giveaway
I am so excited about Sam Stosur's choosing LymeLight Foundation as her non-profit for the Oakley 2012 Beyond Reason Campaign. This is a huge opportunity for the Lyme community to get awareness about Lyme disease out in a BIG way.

The Lyme community has been doing a great job holding Sam in second place for the last week, but we need to be in first to get the biggest exposure possible from this campaign. I'm hoping a little giveaway will push us up into that top spot.

This Beaded Wrap Awareness Bracelet is inspired from the UBER expensive and very popular Chan Luu bracelets. A rubber awareness bracelet is great but this thing is sure to catch attention and it's way more fashionable than rubber. If you like the rubber awareness bands you will be happy to know I am including five of them in the giveaway too! But that's not all... our winner will also receive a health journal. The health journal helps you track your symptoms, keep track of supplements and ABX, take notes for your doctor, record your diet and your exercise routine.

So to recap that is; 1 beautiful beaded awareness bracelet, 5 rubber awareness bands and 1 health journal.

How do you enter this fabulous giveaway??? Simple!!! 

  1. Join Sam Stosur's Beyond Reason team -
  2. SHARE the hashtag #SAMBEYONDREASON and spread Lyme awareness. The easiest way to do this is through twitter. Just include #SAMBEYONDREASON in all your tweets. This works from public instagram and facebook pages too. (1 point for each post)
  3. ReTweets (RT) score you points too! (1 point each)
  4. Photos and Videos will score you extra points. Tag your twitpic, instagram and YouTube videos with the hashtag #SAMBEYONDREASON. (2 points for each post) Photo must post to score the extra point.
*Posts must show up on the team wall to be counted. To make sure your posts are making it to the team wall be sure they include the hashtag #SAMBEYONDREASON and check for them on the team page -

The winner will be the person who gets the most posts up on Sam's Beyond Reason team page for the next week. Counting starts today at 2pm and posts will be counted until Monday July 30th at 6pm. The winner will be announced Tuesday July 31st.


More information about the competition can be found here - and here -

To learn more about LymeLight Foundation, visit them on the web:

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