Thursday, July 5, 2012

How to Help Promote Tennis Superstar Sam Stosur and the LymeLight Foundation #SAMBEYONDREASON

Professional tennis star, Sam Stosur has chosen the LymeLight Founation as her beneficary charity for the Oakley 2012 Beyond Reason campaign. Last year Sam won the 2011 US Open and this year she is competing in the 2012 Olympic Games. Sam has also had her own battle with Lyme disease, you can read her story here - We are grateful to Sam for choosing LymeLight as her Beyond Reason charity. We look forward to the challenge of keeping her at the top of the leader board. 

What is the Beyond Reason Campaign?

Beyond Reason is a promotion by Oakley and 10 of their sponsored athletes who are participating in the 2012 London Olympic Games. Each athlete has chosen a charity and been challenged to inspire their community of supporters to go beyond reason sharing milestones while earning points and fundraising for their personal charity. The competition started on July 2 and will conclude on August 12, 2012. The Beyond Reason campaign consists of a fundraising auction and some major social media sharing. Oakley will be auctioning off three  #SAMBEYONDREASON product kits. Regardless of where Sam finishes in the contest, Lymelight will receive the proceeds of these auctions. If Sam's team wins, LymeLight will also receive the proceeds of three Oakley Beyond Reason auction kits (gold, silver and bronze). It's up to us to keep Sam at the top of the leader board!

How Do I Help? 
Here are some sample posts (feel free to cut and paste) note that sharing photos and videos with #SAMBEYONDREASON will get our team top points-

  1.  Join Sam Stosur in going #BeyondReason for @LymeLightFNDN #SAMBEYONDREASON
  2. Sam Stosur is competing on and off the court for @LymeLightFNDN. Join #SAMBEYONDREASON and show your support 
  3. #SAMBEYONDREASON Auction is going on now. Bid on Sam Stosur's custom product kit to support @LymeLightFNDN

  1. Have you checked out Team #SAMBEYONDREASON on yet? @Sam Stosur is currently # (fill in) on @Oakley's leaderboard. Help her climb to #1 in support of LymeLight
  2. #SAMBEYONDREASON Auction is going on now! Bid on @Sam Stosur custom designed performance sunglass and matching hand-painted Frogskin today. This is a one-of-a-kind Oakley product kit. All proceeds benefit LymeLight:
For more information about the competition follow this link -

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  1. I think Lyme Light foundation is a good choice by Samatha Stosur as a beneficary charity for the Oakley 2012 Beyond Reason campaign.Beyond Reason Campaign is an excellent idea to raise money for various foundations.Best of luck to this campaign and this is a great blog.


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