Friday, August 3, 2012

Upcycled Stone Tile Coasters

Upcycled Stone Tile Coasters

While browsing Pinterest, I saw a tutorial for coasters made from 4x4 tiles and scrapbooking paper. I happen to have a TON of old scrapbook paper that I never used. I think I only ever finish one of the several scrapebooks I started. I loved the beautiful papers though. I was still buying the books of paper long after I decided to never make a scrapbook again. That paper has been sitting at my parents house for YEARS!

FabMo has also had tile samples available this summer. FabMo for anyone who doesn't know is a non-profit in the San Francisco Bay Area that rescues samples of designer materials from showrooms and makes them available to the public to repurpose. This is truly one of the most amazing resources for crafters like me who try to upcycle as much as possible.

A little modge podge, clear spray paint and decorative sanding yielded some great results! I made five sets of four coasters. I enjoyed the project so much that I decided to add it as a workshop to my local meetup group. If you are nearby come join us - Bay Area Upcyclers

Set of 4 upcycled coasters

Drink coasters

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