Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Inspiring Skulls

My Stepson Made This!
I've been making leather cell phone cases for the last few weeks. My 8-year-old stepson loves skulls and was my inspiration for putting them on some of the cases I have made. He LOVES them. Every time I show him my latest skull creation, he wants to keep it.

Today he made his own! He did such a great job, I'm super proud of him. This is only his second sewing project ever. I still have to guide him every step of the way and help with the more complicated sewing but he really did most of it on his own.

He sold this one to his papa for $15. I think that is like a million dollars to a kid. He went straight to amazon to find the Deadpool action figure he has been talking about for weeks. I have no idea what that is but apparently it is REALLY COOL.

We both used upcycled designer fabric that we picked up at FabMo to make our cases. That was another exciting outing for him. I took him to FabMo for the first time last week. He loved looking at all the fabrics, he scored some awesome leather and a sample of jeans that he made into a little tote bag. He now has his own little sewing area set up in the dinning room.

I don't think he will sew forever, but I do think it is an excellent way to get his brain thinking mechanically and to improve his dexterity. I have my fingers crossed that no one will tell him that sewing is for girls. Maybe he will inspire more boys to try it when he tells them he is making money with it!

He is taking orders if you want to purchase one of his creations. Only $20 each ($15 for the iPhone case and $5 for shipping) email us at upcycledbyash@gmail.com to place an order!

My skull and his side by side
My Skull iPhone Case


  1. How can you call yourself a "STEPMOM", when you are not married to the childrens father???????

    1. I call myself a stepmom because I am a stepmom.

  2. Well of course you are a stepmom. Having read a bunch of your articles tonight it seems you take it very seriously. Kudos to you, your stepkids are lucky to have you.


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