Saturday, June 26, 2010

I Made My Wedding Dress

It's true. I made my own wedding dress. I'm not a new bride, but thanks for the congratulations. My husband and I got married May 18 2003, or was it the 17th? I can never remember, I always have to ask my him. I'm not sure he really knows at this point either.

My mom had taken me to try on dresses. Most of those things are god-awful! I did like one. It was a Vogue dress, I don't remember how much it cost. Later I found the pattern for that exact dress at Jo-Ann Fabric, cool. I found some nice fabric at WalMart. I know, how tacky, my wedding dress came from WalMart! I think all up I spent $40 on everything I needed for the dress.

Needless to say I wasn't a very difficult bride. We got married on the beach in Australia. I know that sound exotic but my husband is from OZ and we were living there at the time. I was taking a photography class so I took my own photos. My new Aunties made my flower arrangements. That consisted of the flowers in my hair and the ones I carried. They went a bit overboard and put some flower thing in the car as well. "The car" was my father-in-law's Holden Calais, nothing fancy.

The reception was... No, we didn't have one of those either. We went out and had a lovely dinner with just family in Sydney at a restaurant under the Harbor Bridge.

All up it was pretty much perfect. I wish my family could have been there, but this was the "paper" wedding, the real wedding was going to be five months later and everyone was going to come Down Under. We never had that second wedding. It seemed redundant, we were already married. I do regret that my family wasn't there, but that is the only flaw to my perfect day.


  1. Not tacky at all! Very wise! I think romantic on the beach too. How sweet.

    My family wasn't at mine either but it was so good and we got married on Jan 31st, 2004 The whole wedding cost us $1000.00 :) We were cheap too.
    It was a perfect beginning to our new year together.

    You did a great Job Ashley

  2. I think my wedding was about $1000 too! I thought it was great. The stress I see other brides going through is ridiculous!

  3. How cool to read your wedding story, Ashley. I could have taken some tone-it-down tips from you way back when I got married almost 10 years ago, but now I just wish I'd toned it down. Your dress looks gorgeous, so do you and your DH. Well done.

  4. While I didn't make my dress myself, I did buy it for a steal (I think it was $700-something). We got married on the beach in Hawaii without family. I do with they were there as well, but at the time it wasn't possible. Had the best time ever though!! We went kayaking that morning, got married, and then went out for an awesome dinner & had hula pie instead of cake!

    PS - Thanks for your follow on Twitter...I'm following you now. ;)

  5. I am glad to have found your blog, love your upcycled work, and well done for making your own wedding dress, not tacky at all.

    I shall be a regular follower of your blog and twitter from this day forth!


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