Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lyme Green Bikini

Lyme Girl to the Rescue!

I've been working on a pattern for a bikini. I really want a lime green one because it is fun, in your face and I am always looking for ways to spread Lyme disease awareness. Unless I figure out how to transport myself back to the 80's I don't think I will find anything as day glo bright as the swimming suit I am after. 

I found the perfect fabric at Joann Fabric last week! So I made a prototype. It still needs a lot of tweaking, but I promised all my friends I would share my progress. I know they are going to love it!

On twitter I promised to find a hot model for the photos... That didn't happen. I do feel self-conscious posting photos of myself in a bikini top on the internet for everyone to see in a context that is supposed to be something like an advertisement. 

Why? Because society and culture has told me that I am not good enough. I'm too old, not thin enough, don't have perfect skin, my boobs are too small, my lips aren't full enough, my waist isn't small enough, I'm not 100% symmetrical, the list goes on. 

I did a paper in college about the media's depiction of women because I had a serious issue with it. I still do. Why do we let "them" do this to us? There is nothing wrong with the way I look. In fact I am 33 years-old, 5'8" tall, 125 pounds and my husband thinks I am the most beautiful woman on the planet. To top it off, I swear a guy at least 10 years younger than me was totally checking me out the other day at the grocery store. Maybe he thought I was a MILF!

We are all beautiful even with out the help of a makeup artist and photoshop guru. So here I am, flaws and all modeling for you and everyone else on the the internet my "Lyme" Green Bikini Top!


  1. The media air brushes everyone in the magazines.
    Nothing is real!

    you look great and I love the color!

  2. You look fantastic and I want one!!

  3. Hey girlie...I love the pics! You know, I think you are top model quality just the way you are. I am more on the "Fiercely Real" side of!

  4. OMG I LOVE the are like a Super Hero, so that is soooo appropriate!

    I love that it's "in your face" and your talking about a bikini, that makes the adolescent teen in me giggle!

    But the adult gay male in me says you ARE beautiful, and I think quite perfect. No two "beautiful's" are ever the same, that's what makes the world such an amazing place to watch and learn from. Beyond the fact that I think you are beautiful, and could totally pull off being a MILF, except you're way too young to be a mother of children old enough for that!! (By looks...not just age.)

    Keep being in your face, it's what makes you so beautiful on the INSIDE as well as the outside. You a phenomomal woman, and I should know...I worshipped both the Bionice Woman AND Wonder Woman as a child, and someday knew I'd grow up to be the perfect combination of both of them. I didn't, however I think I grew up and met the perfect combination of them both, only she wears a Lyme green bikini top!

  5. are amazingly beautiful, and I too struggled with the same vices you did...all while living in California. It took me moving to the South to realize that not everyone focuses on certain aspects of our body for us to be beautiful. We are our own worse critic. Anyway, girl you are amazing and doing amazing things despite your illness! Besides, in the south we would tell you "bless your heart girl, eat a cheeseburger" =) YOU were/are the perfect model for the bikini prototype, if you had anyone else do it, you would have lost the authenticity! Keep up the amazing work and let me know when it is done!

    Hugs and Support ~

  6. Thanks All!

    I know my body is nothing to be ashamed of. I hope that others will also be inspired to flaunt themselves and help to change that image of what the perfect woman is.

    Air brushing is evil! It makes even the most beautiful girls feel inadequate.

    I'm loving the Lyme Girl pose. I want to write something about her! It's knockin' around up there in the brain cells that are functioning.

  7. cut bikini! btw...if those are your worst flaws, can I have your body for a while? I'd like to have those flaws!

  8. much for that little preview thing to check for typos! lol...I meant to say CUTE bikini XD

  9. I think it's a great bikini and they are great pics! (Very versatile. I like the one with the twist in the middle.)
    On what planet is 5'8" and 125 lbs not thin enough??? Maybe high fashion runway models size zero, but then you'd need an eating disorder and some drug abuse to keep that up. I think having Lyme is enough of a health challenge, no?

  10. My point exactly Sharron, the fashion/entertainment industry sets the bar so high it is unattainable. A lot of girls suffer because of that.

    Lyme is totally enough! I get upset when it makes me thinner. Last Fall I was only 115 lbs! Way too skinny!!!

  11. Ashley, you ARE beautiful, and you are a beautiful model. You are right about the bikini (very smart) and the fact that "they" have it all wrong.

    The sad side of the coin is that women buy the magazines that pay the jerks that dictate the lies to us, that make us feel horrible.... and to make us feel better we pick up a new magazine because after all... there may be an article with all the answers to our negative self-esteem... if we can just ignore the pictures, that make us feel.... etc, etc, etc.

    Love your website, your bikini and your gorgeous little self!

  12. Ashley u look amazing-U r rocking that bikini & u r beautiful inside & out!! These r awesome photos & I want bikini too :) Thank you for all u do for the lyme community & I look forward to working w/ you someday xxxooo Lisa

  13. Ashley, you are beautiful. Flaws-- I think not. God made us all, and the media just encourages unhealthy living for all--you would have to not eat and or puke everyday to look like what they say is beautiful and normal. Be proud of your body. I am 38 with cellulite and all. I can't worry about what others think, I have too many other issues with Lyme. So, get out there in that Lyme green bikini!!! I appreciate your creativity.


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