Thursday, September 23, 2010

Family Fun

How could you say no to this face???
I haven't been able to sew as much as I would like to lately. Not a good thing when I have three celebrity items in the works and a dwindling inventory! To top it off I'm on the road again, this time without my sewing machine.

It's all worth it though. I'm getting to spend a lot of time with family. All my in-laws are here from Australia. I haven't seen them for almost five years!!! My parents, sister and niece came to visit for the weekend too. It's been awesome, but I have to admit I'm exhausted!

Uncle, Darcey and Auntie
Auntie and Gabs Just Chillin'

We met our Australian niece Darcey for the first time. Don't you just love that red hair!!! Super cutie and polar opposite of the Gabster. Darcey is like a little porcelain doll and Gabby is a little tank.

It was so cute to see the two of them together. Darcey helped teach Gabs about sharing. Gabs isn't sure she likes the whole concept very much.

I lived with Gabby and my sister for the first year of Gabby's life. She screams her little head off whenever Auntie leaves. I have to admit it makes me feel special! I'm not sure my sister appreciates it quite so much. I hope we can keep that bond forever. I love her to pieces.

We did a little hiking too. I was thrilled that I managed with no problems. The old me is really trying to come back. I told Sander I want to go on an overnighter next!

Me with Eagle Lake in the background
Sander and Me
The fun isn't over yet. Everyone else has gone but my mother and father in-law are still here for another few weeks. We are hitting a few more hotspots in the next 10 days. Santa Cruz, Redding, Lake Almanor, and Ashland for the beach, sailing, hiking and Shakespeare. Oh and a Dr. appointment, it wouldn't be a real visit to see me without at least one of those!

I'm hoping to squeeze in a little stitchin' while we are at my parents place in Redding. It could happen...

Auntie, it's for you
 A cell phone already??? What is the world coming to? The cell phone is a toy but this little cutie has her own REAL iPad! Auntie doesn't even have one of those!!!


  1. spending time with family is the BEST! so glad you are enjoying your time & feeling good to boot! =)

  2. I honestly admire both of you two cool ladies. Love what you do with your energy. "You rock" as they say now-a-days :)


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