Monday, September 20, 2010

Fancy Going Out Purse

Fancy Going Out Purse
$70 includes shipping

I loved the Fancy Going Out clutch so much I had to make more! This purse is totally adorable! I would love more fabric like this, so if you've got a dress or a skirt that you aren't wearing... Send it my way!!!

Purse Details-
The purse is roughly 5.5 x 9 inches. Plenty of space for everything you would need to go out or to an event. I used a magnetic snap closure on this one. The fabrics are 100% upcycled. The outer is a dress I loved the look of but never wore, the lining is a eco-friendly hemp dress donated by a friend. The detachable strap is part of the original white dress. I don't remember what I had in mind for the little white flowers when I bought them, but they look cute here.

The actual colors are very white on the outer and more green and muted on the inside than the picture portrays. I am also significantly paler than the photos would lead you to believe.

To make a purchase contact me at: or send me a tweet @upcycledbyash
Payments are via PayPal, Credit Card or Personal Check 
additional charge for international shipping

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