Monday, September 20, 2010

Fancy More?

Fancy More Clutch
$60 includes shipping

I mean more literally. I increased the size of the original design to make the pouch a bit roomier. The original is big enough to hold the bare essentials including your phone, my iPhone just fits. The Fancy More clutch can easily hold the phone and more. 

Clutch Details- 
The Fancy More clutch is roughly 4.5 x 8 inches. I tried something new on this one and used a colorful fabric underneath the white lacy dress material. I used the same batique fabric for the lining. The batique is a freecycled material from my mom and the white dress is a upcycled dress. 

I actually made two of these but the second is being donated to my friend Candice of Infectiously Optimistic to help her fundraise for her Lyme disease treatment. 

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Like my Lyme green dress? I froze my butt off taking these photos this morning! As for the dress... I'm actually just safety pinned into a couple of yards of fabric.

My "dress"


  1. so pretty! I recently started making things (I was inspired by the super cute things you and Nani make), and I was wondering what you use to "stiffen" up the purse! Cardboard?!?!?!?!?!?!

    Thanks, and again, this is so pretty!

  2. I use a heavy fusible interfacing and a softer one in the wallets and clutches like this. I know them by touch not name... I get them all at Joann Fabrics.

    I use craft fuse in the totes. You can layer the craft fuse and make it stiffer. I use to use 3 layers in the wallets then switched the the stiffer (and much more expensive) interfacing.

    Nani knows what the stiff interfacing is called.

  3. thanks so much! I have been trying to keep things cheap! I will have to look at a better fabric store! thanks again!


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