Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fancy Going Out

 Fancy Going Out Clutch
$50 includes shipping

Super cute little clutch! Yes it looks like a wallet but it isn't. When you pop the snap you will find just one pocket perfect for a night out with the bare essentials. Or a wedding, my husband is convinced this is going to be purchased for a wedding. 

I love that the fabric on this clutch is 100% upcycled!!! The white outer is from a dress I wore once. I bought it at a little boutique in Aspen, CO sure that I would wear it that summer. In three years, I wore it once. Well twice if you count the time I put it on to take photos for this blog! 

The lining material is from a Patagonia hemp dress that was sent to me by a friend when I started upcycling. She was the first person to send me something, thanks Kristen!

Don't forget that you can see the images larger by clicking on them.

Monday night I was browsing the internet, looking for nothing in particular when I saw a little clutch like this one. That's cute, I thought, I bet I could make something like that.  

Why do I always do this to myself late at night? I knew that I wasn't going to be going to bed until I either figured it out or gave up. Luckily I got it right on the second try. Yes, I was pretty proud of myself. 

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The one and only time I wore this dress!

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