Monday, September 20, 2010

Lymenaide Holiday Bazaar

I am involved with a Lymenaide project that was just announced today. Seeing as it is a virtual craft faire, I thought I would post about it here as well.


Lymenaide is proud to announce that this year we will be hosting a virtual holiday bazaar. The aim of the Lymenaide Holiday Bazaar is to showcase Lyme artists/crafters, spread awareness about Lyme disease, offer the Lymies a way to make some money, and to encourage people from within and from outside the Lyme community to support these artists and crafters by doing their holiday shopping online from our vendors this holiday season.

Who can participate-
Anyone from the Lyme Community is eligible to purchase a booth. Artists, photographers, jewelry makers, crafters of all kinds as well as representatives of Mary Kay, Scentsy and the like.

Non-Lymies are who are involved with the Lyme community are also welcome as well as artists and craters who have a Lyme disease awareness line of products. Non-lymies must be crafters, no Mary Kay/Scentsy options here.

Not crafty? That is OK. We are accepting booths for Lymies that are filled with donations from creative friends and family. These booths must be filled with donation items, no Mary Kay/Scentsy and no booths set up to ask for donations without any items to sell.

This is primarily a virtual craft faire. We know that there are many talented artisans within our community and we want to promote you!

How it works-
The Lymenaide Holiday Bazaar site is up and running. We just started adding artists over the weekend. Have a look at the site to get a feel for how it works-

The steps for getting a booth are fairly easy and explained on the site in more detail.
  1. Pick a template and download it.
  2. Complete the template yourself using a photo editing program or opt to have someone at Lymenaide do it for you (additional charge applies).
  3. Send your completed template along with a 100-150 word description to Ashley at don’t forget to include the links you would like to have shown on your booth.
  4. Follow the PayPal link on the Lymenaide Holiday Bazaar site to pay for your booth. Don’t delay too much, prices go up on October 15th. See Prices on the Join Page.
NOTE- the Lymenaide Holiday Bazaar is not designed to sell items for individuals. You must have an online venue from which to make the actual sales. This is easy to set up on a blog with PayPal payments, by starting an Esty shop at, or by listing your items on Ebay.

The artists and the Bazaar will be promoted throughout the Holiday season by Lymenaide and all of our affiliates on facebook, twitter and through the individual blogs.

The Holiday Bazaar will run from now until January 10, 2011. We think this will be an exciting and fun event for the Lyme community this season. We hope you will join us and support your fellow Lymies by doing your holiday shopping online this holiday season. Don’t forget to invite your friends and family!

Visit the Lymenaide Holiday Bazaar

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