Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Alyssa Milano's Pants

Save the Turtles
to be auctioned off for the National Wildlife Federation

I finally finished the first of the bags I am making from Alyssa Milano’s pants for my Gulf Project. I would have finished last month but my in-laws were here and things just got so busy. Here it is and I totally dig it even though it was a pain in the ass to finish it off.

Most bags I make are pretty simple. I thought this one was going to be simple too, but I was wrong. Sometimes upcycling demands a bit of creativity, patience and brut force. Pants were designed to be pants, not bags. The way things are cut is to accommodate a body with curves and angles. It can be hard to find or create the straight lines I want for the bags.

The fabric is awesome! I love the texture, it’s soft and almost oily to work with (very fitting).  I didn’t actually run into any problems until the end. I had decided to use the cuff/hem of the pant legs as the hem for the opening of the bag. Usually this makes the bag even easier to make. Not this time.

I wanted the hem to be straight up and down. There was a bit more flare in the pants than I’d realized. There was more fabric on one side of the fold than the other. I don’t have a big machine to stretch this and make it work. On my little machine it bunched. This meant I had to stitch it in by hand. Not my favorite thing to do!

The bag looks fantastic. I wanted to have a subtle design that related to the Gulf crisis so I decided to do a turtle with a deep green patterned fabric. I really like the fabric, together with the oily black color of the pants I 100% got the effect I was going for. On it’s own it looks like a nice bag with a toned down graphic. When you think about the Gulf you see more. It is now a murky image of a turtle swimming through oil.

I have one more pair of Alyssa’s pants. When I have finished the bag I am planning with those I will organize the auction to sell both bags to raise funds for the National Wildlife Federation. 



  1. This is one of my favorite bags that you've done!

  2. Seriously LOVE how this turned out! Are you still planning on making another out of the 2nd pair of pants?


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