Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pocket Wallets for a Hands Free Night

Pocket Wallet - $20

I went out with some friends the other night and I found it really frustrating that I had to lug my bag around with me. What if I wanted to dance? What would I do with my bag?  I'm not a matchy matchy kind of girl with an array of bags to choose from either. My handmade Camo Cargo Bag really didn't look quite right with my silky purple top.

Being me, my brain would not stop thinking about options and solutions. I wanted a tiny wallet that would fit in my pocket. Oh... but what if I didn't have any pockets!?!?! More designs flowing through my head. It's really cool that I am a creative person but seriously, sometimes I wish my brain would just shut up and let me sleep!

One design at a time. I started with the pocket wallet. First attempt - Fail. Well, not a total fail. The basic design was right but in wanting to make it sturdy, I gave it too much thickness. I also lost the tab for the snap.

Take 1 - Opps, there's the snap tab!
The second and third go went much more smoothly and I have to say the wallet is a success! At roughly 4" x 3" it easily fits in my fairly small tight jeans pocket front or back. There are two pockets in the front suitable for cards or cash. A tab with a (correctly positioned) snap holds the pockets contents in place. The other side of the wallet has a zippered pocket just large enough for a credit card and drivers license or if you have a "slender" key to your car this would be the perfect place to keep it.

I had originally thought to put a key ring on the snap side of the wallet. I did this for take 2, and it works just fine, the key would easily slide into the back pocket. I decided not to add this feature to take 3 though. I figure it probably wouldn't get used much and if you did happen to have a key you could put it in the zipper pocket.

Take 3 zip side
Take 3 snap side
Take 2 zip side

Take 2 snap side

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  1. That's a great, practical little wallet! It holds keys, notes and coins - perfect!

  2. Ashley, you are so talented . . . amazing . . i love to see your designs!


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