Friday, August 17, 2012

Upcycled Leather iPhone Case

Upcycled Leather iPhone Case
Felt Owl Inspiration
While browsing Pinterest for inspiration last week I came across a cute little felt owl iPhone case by lovahandmade, she and a handfull of other crafters sell them on etsy. I have been brainstorming on a cell phone case for a while, and looking for a great project for the leather I have from FabMo. My household has a pretty strong latino influence, suddenly a dia de los muertos skull idea formed in my head and it was raring to get out!

I'm really happy with the results! My favorite thing about these cases is that they are 100% upcycled. The leather is from FabMo, the fabric is either from FabMo or my scrap clothing collection and the rhinestones are from figure-skating costumes. I also played with some of the funky stitching options on my sewing machine for the first time.

The black case with the little butterfly is simpler on the front than the skull but I used some super cool metallic blue snakeskin print leather on the back to make a pocket for credit cards and/or money.

I, sadly, do not have an iPhone. I was convinced by the AT&T lady that I should switch to a Droid. I do love the huge screen on the Droid but that is about it. I miss my iPhone! I tried jamming my Droid into the second case I made, but it is actually sized for an iPhone (see picture above).

You can just see the cool flower stitching I tried out on the skull case,
it's at the top in the orange lining and through to the back of the case. 
Blue Metallic Leather Pocket on the Back


  1. I love crafting and have worked on many different projects too but never tried to make iPhone case. I think I should give it a try to make beautiful cases like this.

  2. You have an immense talent! I would never have thought to take old clothing and scraps to make an iphone case out of it! I consistently wear out all these new cases that I buy, and I have no idea why I continue to purchase new ones! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Elago provides leather cases for iPhone which are a perfect fit for handling and give a classy touch to it too.


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