Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Upcycled Kids Projects

Rock Ladybugs
A few weeks ago I had a table at an In Home Show. My stepkids were intrigued by what I was doing, this was their first time seeing me get everything together to go sell. I told them that if they wanted to paint some rocks, I would take them to the next show I am in and sell their creations for them. Well, the idea kept growing. The kids have now decided that they would like to make more than just painted rocks. They want to start their own online upcycled craft business. We now have the neighbor kids involved too! I think this is a fantastic opportunity for the children to learn about money and business.

Full Set of Rock Dominos
They are in the process of brainstorming, trying out products and coming up with a name for their business. I am in the process of letting go and not telling them what to do, how to do it or what to name the business. That is not easy for me! Right now I think they are planning to go with the name 8th Ave Kids (yes, I influenced that heavily).

Baseball Card Wallet
One of the biggest challenges for them is not keeping everything they make. I'm not sure we have actually managed to make any items for the business yet. This isn't so bad, quite honestly they could use a little practice before they make for sale versions of their crafts. We are getting really good at the baseball card wallets now. The first "prototypes" were not quite up to par.

Bottle Cap Necklace
When we meet our next door neighbors we asked the 10 year old what she was planning to do with the huge collection of bottle caps she had. She wasn't sure. We went on Pinterest and found a bunch of cool ideas, now both houses are collecting bottle caps for necklaces, bracelets and magnets.

Water Bottle Bracelet
Over the weekend we went to visit my parents in Redding, CA. I bought Smart Water for the car ride. I like that it has electrolytes in it. Redding is hot and dry, we needed to be well hydrated. The kids' dad doesn't quite understand my logic. All he can see is "really expensive water". Yesterday I was finishing off the last bottle when inspiration struck, we can make this "really expensive water" pay for itself! Armed with scissors and yarn the kids and I went to work.

I love seeing the kids get excited about upcycling and having their own business. They are always coming up to me with another crazy thought about what they can make. We are also working on a lego man necklace and comic book coasters. So far they have remained focused on the whole idea and motivated to make their items. Yesterday the oldest (9) told me he was going to eat breakfast and then head to the office, and he did.

Stay tuned for more on the kids products and the opening of their 8th Ave store!

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