Friday, September 28, 2012

Weight Loss Motivation

1 year and 15 pounds ago...
I know you are looking at that photo and every other photo on this blog thinking what the hell is this skinny girl thinking she needs to lose weight for. Well my dirty little secret is that every single photo I have posted online is at least 9 months old.

It's like my body turned 35 and just turned to me and said, "Sorry girl you are on your own from here on out". Dude body, not cool! I'm a skinny girl, I don't know how to diet or to monitor how much I am eating. I also don't know how to deal with these uncomfortable new rolls I've been developing in my torso. Muffin tops taste good but they don't feel so great with your jeans all digging up into your faux baby bump.

A skinny girl's biggest fear is getting fat. For most of us a MAJOR part of our identity has always come from the way we look. When that starts to fail us, we don't really know what to do. Confidence is very much tied to body image.

I thought maybe my weight gain was just a phase. I convinced myself it was from starting to take birth control pills again. Unfortunately my gynecologist burst my hopeful little bubble. Maybe 5 pounds, she said, but not 15.

I am starting a 90 day fitness challenge on Monday. I am scared. Not of the challenge itself but that I won't be able to motivate myself to follow through. That is why I am posting about it online. Sharing my challenge online and joining a 90 day fitness challenge program will basically make me feel obligated to stick with it.

So, hold me accountable and ask me how I'm doing with my challenge. I want that body in the picture back. Well almost, I wouldn't mind keeping some of the butt I've gained, and if I could only shift a bit  of my tummy up to my boobs...


  1. Ashley, I'm sure you still look GREAT...but I totally get wanting to look & feel how you did before! I just recently started trying to lose weight as well, I wish it was just 15...closer to 50 :( My pics of myself, well, I just don't post ANY pics of myself! Good luck!!!

    1. Thanks Maria! I'm hiding it fairly well... Part of my challenge is to post a show all pic on Monday, YIKES!

  2. You are brave! My goal this time is to have an "after" picture...I feel like I have PLENTY of "befores"!


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