Thursday, June 24, 2010

Latest Project

I don't have photos, well I do, but they are terrible ones taken with my iPhone and uploaded to tweetphoto. They aren't on the tweetphoto attached to my @upcycledbyash account either. They are on my @lymenaide account. That was getting kinda weird since that account is for Lyme disease awareness.

Weird because I have been posting about the bags and wallets I am making to support the Gulf. Hum, yeah most people don't care but some were getting cranky that Lymenaide appeared to be "raising funds" for the Gulf instead of Lyme.

So now here I am starting form scratch to give a home to the other causes I care about.

And, moving onto the topic...

I am making upcycled messenger totes and wallets with Gulf themes to help support the cleanup and rescue efforts in the Gulf. The bags will be sold, here to start with. I guess I'll have to look into Etsy as well. Anyway After all the shipping costs and fees, 50% of the proceeds will go to the National Wildlife Federation @NWF or Nature Conservancy @nature_org.

Yes the other 50% is going to me, but you can feel good about that too. I am currently unable to work because I suffer from a chronic illness. You will never guess what it is. Yeah, you're right, it's Lyme disease.

And, another reason to feel good about these items, they are made from mostly upcycled clothing or fabric items that would have been thrown away if they hadn't been made into something new and totally exciting. 

That was actually a hit-on line a guy used on me once, something New And Totally Exciting. His name was Nate. Do you see it? Yeah, lame! It didn't work for him, but it does work for my upcycle projects!!!

If you are antsy to see these things despite the bad photography here is the link to the tweetphoto account where they are- You've been warned about the crappy photos, you better check back here soon to see some decent ones!!!

If you want to see what I did for my last project for Lyme disease here is the link- Just to tip you off, this link does not take you to bags. I made commercials last time.

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