Saturday, July 24, 2010

Step it Up

AHHHHH, don't step on me!!!

I love these little stools. I made them last year. I can't decide between the monkey and the frog which is my favorite. I think the frog... but the monkey is so cute too!

I don't have them anymore. One went to my BFF's son and the other to a Lymie friend of mine. My sister has the butterfly pictured at the bottom.

I really want to make more but these stools are hard to find. Well I should rephrase, they are hard to find cheap. I learned that they are called conductor stools. I guess they used them to get on and off trains. The handle in the middle made them easy to move from car to car. I have no idea if that is true or not, but it sounds good doesn't it! 

I did manage to find two more conductor stools on sale recently at Ross. I'm trying to decide what animals to paint next. Any suggestions? 

So no, they aren't upcycled. The paints are left over from when I was taking graphic design classes at community college two years ago. Can you believe they made us take a bunch of drawing and painting classes before we could start the graphic stuff on the computer! 

Little Miss Butterfly here isn't my favorite. She's alright, but I just love the way the little critters look using that hole for their screaming little mouths. 

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  1. Well, I am partial to monkeys, but maybe you could do something with a dog or a cat. And I think they might mean like an orchestra conductor. They usually have to stand on something in order to be higher then the rest of the orchestra. But I like your idea too.


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