Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dream Big, Aim Higher

I’m often called an optimist, to put it kindly. More often the average person perceives my glass half full positive outlook on life as naivety.

They are wrong. I am not naive. A dreamer yes, but don’t be surprised when I turn those crazy dreams into realities.

I honestly do believe that one person cam make a difference. It may not be our personal immediate achievements that are so impressive. The most impressive and most important thing those of us who dare to dream do, is to inspire others to do the same. Now the one becomes many and the results become much more impressive.

Today I want to tell you about another dreamer in out midst. Her name is Chloe, she is 16 years old, and I would be willing to bet she is doing more than you are to make the world a better place.

I first met Chloe on Twitter. Most probably know her as @TVD_Chloe, TVD standing for The Vampire Diaries. The Vampire Diaries is a hit show on the CW Network. Chloe is a huge fan; I dare say one of the shows biggest fans.

Five of the shows cast/former cast members had helped me out with a Lymenaide project this May to make public service announcements for Lyme disease. When I posted the PSAs to the Lymenaide YouTube Channel I was amazed by the support we suddenly received from the Vampire Diaries fans. One of the standouts was, of course, Chloe.

She posted, re-posted, tweeted, re-tweeted, remixed and even did some fundraising for our cause. I can honestly say, I think that TVD fans are one of the most Lyme aware groups of people on the planet in huge part to Chloe’s efforts.

Inspired by Ian Somerhalder, who plays the sultry vampire Damon on the Vampire Diaries, Chloe began tweeting her heart out about the crisis in the Gulf.

I have to say that I live a fairly sheltered media life. Until recently we didn’t even have a T.V. in our house. It was Chloe, and through her, Ian Somerhalder, that made me decide that I could and I would do my part to help with the clean up and rescue efforts in the Gulf. (click here to read about my Gulf Project)

Chloe has gone balls to the walls with her Gulf campaign. She tweets like a mother bird saving her chicks, sharing updates and making people aware of the current status of the oil spill.

To start, she had t-shirts designed which she sells on Printfection with all the proceeds, $9 per shirt, going to GulfAid. Chloe, the little social media Diva that she is, also vlogs about the Vampire Diaries and the Gulf on her YouTube Channel, Vampire Diaries Vlogs. Chloe caught the eye of the V.D. cast and now in addition to her shirt sales, she is also going to be holding an auction to benefit the National Wildlife Federation with items donated from not only the Vampire Diaries, but from the Twilight Saga as well. Way to go Chloe!

Learn more about Chloe and what she is doing on her sites-


Vampire Support - (auction updates and info here)
Oh My Salvatore - 

Vampire Diaries Vlogs - 

Support Stores
Printfection Store -
Zazzle Store -

What are you doing to make the world a better place?

Chloe's remix of Lymenaide's Lyme disease public service announcements


  1. Hi! Thanks for all the good work you do :) I also have become an artist/crafter borne out of chronic lyme and recently particpated in Help the Gulf (on Etsy)to raise money for charity.

    Your activism in the Lyme community and also for gulf relief efforts is very inspiring :)

    All the best

    PS Even though I'm 41 I really enjoy the Vampire Diaries and to be honest a marathon of saved episodes on my DVR got me through a very bad Flagyl herx last winter :)

  2. There should be more people like Chloe in this world. She is the perfect example of how one person can make a difference.

  3. love your stuff! I am a friend of Gingers...


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