Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Duct Tape Me and Body Form Tutorial

I have a fancy Gala to go to in November. I've been dreaming of making the perfect dress for the event. It is so hard to fit a dress when it is on you and my husband is no help in this department; I would love one of those fancy adjustable dress forms, but I'm broke and they are EXPENSIVE! I decided to settle for making my own duct tape dress form.

I did enlist my husband for this adventure. Duct taping your wife is probably high on every mans list of must dos, I'm just not sure this is exactly what they have in mind.

All Taped Up

Before I started this project I searched YouTube for tutorials. I didn't really find any good ones. I found quite a few that didn't explain anything. Here is the link to the best of them, once you get past the ridiculous giggling it's actually alright- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jT-7D6oK9XM

I decided to do a written tutorial, I'm not ready for exposing myself like this on video just yet!

What You Need-
  • 1 large roll of duct tape (60 yards) 
  • scissors
  • sleeved shirt you don't mind never seeing again
  • 5-6 strips scrap fabric about 3 inches wide and 5+ inches long
  • lots of newspaper, plastic bags or poly-fil
  • broom stick without the broom (found at hardware stores for about $4)
  • optional- boyshort style undies that you don't mind never seeing again (if you want your body form to have legs)
I chose to give my body form legs in case I want to make pants one day and I stuffed it with newspapers because they are free and abundant. Some people stick a hanger in them and hang them, I wanted mine to be able to stand, the broom stick was a perfect solution.

How To-
Get yourself outfitted! Don’t worry about a bra, you will create the support with the duct tape. Make sure that you cover every part of your body that is going to be taped. You don’t want any exposed gaps, it will hurt when the tape comes off. If your shirt or boy shorts are not long enough, wrap a piece of scrap fabric around the bottoms. Tape them in place. Don’t worry about your neck yet, when you get to it that is what the other scraps of fabric are for.

Be sure to cover enough of your body; you need to make sure you cover to below your hips to have a fully functional dress form.

1. Start by wrapping a piece of duct tape around your chest right under your breasts. This should be snug but not terribly uncomfortable. Now form the rest of your duct tape support. At this point it will look like the outline of a bra or string bikini with your boobs sticking out through the triangles (see illustration).

2. Wrap a piece of tape all the way around your waist.

3. If you are making a form with legs, wrap pieces of tape around your inner thigh. These pieces need to create the support that will give the definition of your butt. If your form is not going to have legs wrap a single piece around both legs at the same spot.

4. The form of your breasts and butt is the most important, start at the support tape under each area and lay strips from the bottom to the top of the area.

5. From here it is just a matter of wrapping every little part of you. There really isn’t a wrong way to do it. Follow the definition of your body closely and make sure that the tape is firm but not crushing you.

6. The neck is a little trickier than the rest of the body. Don’t forget to cover your skin with the scraps of fabric. Use smaller pieces of tape to make the wrapping of this area easier.

7. Get Me Out Of Here! By this time I’m pretty sure this is what you will be thinking. Carefully, starting in the neck of the the back, your friend will cut straight from top to bottom and release you from your sweaty body suit. If you are making a dress style form, you will cut literally from the top to the bottom. If your form has legs cut down to the plumpest part of your bum. Getting out of a duct tape form with legs can be challenging, my husband enjoyed this part.

8. When you are ready to continue, tape the cut seam back together with duct tape.

9. Now you are ready to stuff yourself! What ever you have chosen to stuff with be sure to stuff well and firmly. Pay attention to the breasts and butt, make sure not to leave any gaps. Insert your broom stick, try to keep it centered by packing stuffing around it.

10. Tape the neck, armholes and legs/bottom shut. Do each individually, stuffing as much into each area as necessary and using tape to keep it in.

Stand her up and there you go!

Gave her some SEXY undies!
Dressed and Ready!


  1. lol! I love this post! It was quite an adventure when my hubby helped me make mine too.

  2. Ash I am loving all that you are doing. I am reposting your stuff as well so more people will get to see all the amazing stuff you do. Move back so we can do creative stuff together! Keep it up! Hi to your hubby:-) Call me when you are in town.

  3. I woke up from my nap today and found duct tape me standing on her own! My room mate made her a stand.

  4. to think that once I saw the pic, I thought you were competing with Lady Gaga for most eye popping outfit! The things I learn from you, wow!


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