Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sugar, Spice and all Things Nice - Etsy Treasury

My beautiful baby niece, Gabby, is in the hospital. She has a severe case of RSV, respiratory syncytial virus. Today is her 5th day in the PICU, pediatric intensive-care unit. She is still hooked up to a ventilator and heavily sedated. It is so heartbreaking to see her like this. I'm not a crier, but this past week I have shed a lot of tears.

Her condition is, very slowly, improving. There isn't much you can do besides wait, hope and pray during times like this. Her nurses have been fantastic and my whole family has gathered to watch over and support Gabby and my sister.

My thoughts and my heart are with my niece right now. In honor of her and all the things she loves, I have made her an Etsy Treasury. I imagined her happy smiling face with every item I placed in it. It made me smile too.

Please check out Gabby's, Sugar, Spice and all Things Nice Treasury on Etsy and leave her a get well message. Thank you to everyone who has been thinking and praying for her and our family over the past week. 

Get well soon Gabby, Auntie loves you!

Visit Gabby's, Sugar, Spice and all Things Nice, Treasury on Etsy - http://etsy.me/gVUX3t


  1. sending you a big ole HUGGGGGGG Ash! That pic is really hard to see. =( poor baby girl! Your treasury is such a sweet reminder of the fun loving and playful spirit that she has. What a blessing these little ones are...that's how I feel everyday with my girls! Love you and praying for Gabby. xoxo

  2. Oh Ashley it's heartbreaking! My youngest daughter was seriously ill at 6 months old with bronchiolitis and this photo just reminds me of how she looked back then. She pulled through though and will be 21 in July! Sending all my love and healing thoughts to little Gabby. Thinking of you and her family. Hope she gets well soon. X

  3. Gabs is all better. She was in the hospital for about a week and has been spending time with family not daycare ever since. My sister decided to change her "school".

    I'm very excited, Gabs is actually coming to visit me today!

  4. My twins had RSV when they were 2 weeks (my son) and 3 weeks (my daughter) and were in the NICU for 3 and 2 weeks respectively. I am so sorry that you and your family went through this. It's hard to see them so sick, but they are 3.5 now and there seem to be no lingering issues.


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