Friday, September 3, 2010

Hope Tote & Donation from Amy Paffrath

 Hope Tote $150 
Lyme Project

Anyone who has Lyme disease knows that at times it all just seems so hopeless. We feel ignored, overlooked and dismissed because our illness in not always recognized as a legitimate health condition. It can be hard to stay positive and hopeful.

There are people out their listening and fighting for us though. Amy Paffrath is one of those people. Amy donated her time and lent her voice to Lyme disease awareness this past May. She also recently donated the pair of jeans I used to make this bag to my Lyme project here on Upcycled by Ash.

Amy is an actress and a host on E! News Now. Here is a link to her site- be sure to stop by and send her a thank you message or a tweet to- @amypaffrath 

About the Bag-
The outer of the bag is upcylcled from the jeans Amy sent to me. The HOPE is reverse appliqued into the flap and decoratively embroidered on with a combination of zigzag and straight stitching. The lining and interior pocket are from freecycle donations. The pocket on the back of the bag is one of the pockets from the jeans. I added a snap to help keep the pocket closed.

The bag is roughly eleven inches across, nine inches deep and three inches wide.

This Hope Tote is part of my Lyme disease awareness project.  50% of the proceeds will be divided between Lymenaide and the Turn the Corner Foundation.
Back Pocket
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Amy Paffrath's Lyme Disease PSA for Paint May Lyme Green


  1. love the variegated stitching on this Ash!

  2. Tweet from Amy Paffrath!(@amypaffrath)

    @upcycledbyash Ashley the tote is absolutely beautiful!!! Great work, I'm so proud to be part of the cause. You are so inspiring!

  3. Laura Beaver UscherJanuary 17, 2011 at 1:55 PM

    I love this bag but my hubby will never let me spend this much right now! What i love the most is the paisley inside- for some reason i am obsessed with paisley! You did such an awesome job!


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