Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Playing with Jewelry

I'm loving this jewelry stuff! It's creative and much faster than sewing. I like instant rewards. 

I bought some pendants that I like, raided my bead stash and dug up some ribbons I bought for another project I never started. I so want to do more! I actually have another piece in progress right now, I'm thinking of keeping that one though!

I love the messiness of the Tree of Hope. I used a lot of green and this one is sort of symbolic of Lyme disease for me. I wrote a post on Lymeaide a while back that was also published in Public Health Alert. In it I compared Lyme to a tree. Read the post-

The other two necklaces are much simpler in their design. I think that the style of pendants is called lampwork??? I still have a lot to learn about this jewelry stuff!

Lucky for me I am still in Santa Cruz where my friend Keri Aragon of String Bean Studios lives. She knows all about jewelry making. If you haven't entered the give away to win a pair of Keri's earrings, what are you waiting for??? Here's the link, go enter now!!!

Green Flower $18
Purple Flower $16

1 comment:

  1. These are beautiful! I'm especially diggin the Tree of Hope (and the message behind it)'s so unique!


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