Friday, March 4, 2011

Handmade Rose Rings and Hairpins

Handcrafted Pink Rose Bobby Pin
These handmade roses are seriously cute! There is a satisfaction that comes from handmade jewelry that you don't get from mass produced items. Most the time you see flower jewelry like rings, earrings and hairpins for sale on Etsy the crafter simply bought the flower and glued it onto the metal base. But not these beauties! Keri Aragon of String Bean Studios and I handcrafted these perfect little roses ourselves. We are very proud of the end result. I seriously think you need one for your finger or hair!

Silver Ring with Silver Rose

Silver Ring with Pink Rose

Keep a look out for more of these gorgeous creations from Keri and I. We are making the roses in more colors and more styles. There are even earrings to match!

Our handmade rose jewelry is available for sale in the String Bean Studios Etsy store-


  1. These are gorgeous! Great job!!

  2. really like these Ash! can you make hawaiian looking ones as well?

  3. OMG ! This is pretty good. It is looking so gorgeous. How did you make it. I would also love to make similar one for my little daughter, Could please help me for making it??


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