Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Nate Berkus Show - Recycled Home Decor

Nate Berkus teaches how to create upcycled, recycled, eco friendly home decor on a budget. My new hero!

I've been sick in bed for the last five days. My doctor thinks I might have the 100 day cough. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he is wrong because I am so bored! There is nothing on TV. If I see another Housewives of Orange County or Bounty Hunters show I'm going to scream. Seriously, are those people for real?

I thought about throwing the TV out the window but then I discovered The Nate Berkus Show. Nate Berkus is an award-winning decorator, and he upcycles! I've only seen a few episodes, unfortunately they don't run back to back to back episodes of his show like they do of NCIS and Law & Order.

Recycled Furniture - Dresser to Kitchen Island
At first I was skeptical of Nate in his dorky sweaters. While I was drawn in by his big blue eyes, it was his creative destruction that brought me back.  I have been inspired by every Nate Show that I have seen so far. I love that when he is giving design advice he always finds a way to take what people already own and make it work for their new room plan. Sometimes it is a little tweak and sometimes it is a full-on reconstruction.

Upcycled Furniture - Table to Shelving
I never would have thought to saw tables in half and turn them into shelving. Unique and great for the budget home decorator. I'm hoping my next place needs a kitchen island because I totally love what he did with that dresser (pictured above).

My birthday is coming up in a few weeks, I think there are a few power tools I will be adding to my wish list.

Nate, you are my new hero. In a few months when I move, I know exactly where I am going for my interior decorating inspiration!


  1. This is inspiring! I've already investigated and I shall be tuning in to his show today at 2pm. ;) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow, love what he did with that dresser!


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