Sunday, May 20, 2012


It's been a while since my last post. A LOT has change in my life since I started this blog, a lot has changed since my last post on this blog. Finally everything is settling back in to place, it's a completely different, better place and I am HAPPY.

Two years ago when I started this blog I was married, living in Lake Tahoe, CA and so sick with Lyme disease that I could hardly leave the house. A few months later I left my husband, moved in with family, and started trying to sort myself and my life out. My blog and my crafting took a backseat. Now I am healthy, living back in the San Francisco Bay Area and I am in a wonderful relationship with a great guy who happens to have 3 kids under 10. Yeah, sometimes I think I am crazy too. I had no how consuming little league baseball was!

The most exciting thing in my life right now is that we are moving. Finally after almost a year and a half of moving around and living in spaces to small to really get my craft on, I am going to have a place for my sewing machine and my collection of materials to upcycle. I don't think my boyfriend has realized just how much sewing and craft stuff I have. I think he might freak a little, but his kids love being crafty with me so he'll come around.

Kids are definitely consuming. I wasn't so naive as to think that they weren't, but I have a whole new appreciation for all the mother's out there. Where in the world does all that energy come from? How the heck to you get them to eat their veggies? Are they hearing impaired? There is a lot to adjust to. It's pretty cool when they tell you they love you, give you a hug, and wish you a Happy Mother's Day though.

In two weeks we will be in our new house, our new home. We will have space to live, a backyard for BBQ's, a BIG kitchen for veggie mad-science, and a room where I can design & sew. I already have so many plans about what to make that I don't even know where I'll start.

Other important things that have changed:
My name. I went back to my maiden name: Ashley Grant
My email address:

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  1. glad to hear you're happy, and good to see you back to blogging/upcycling/crafting.


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