Sunday, May 27, 2012


It is pretty cold here today. Cold enough that after venturing out early this morning I decided to jump back in bed with my computer. I had intended to finish the blog post on the Chan Luu inspired bracelets I just finished, but I haven't touch it. Instead I decided to re-vamp the blog template and layout a bit.

There is one MAJOR flaw to my tweaking, I no longer have photoshop and illustrator on my computer. I've found myself frustratingly limited in what I can do. I would love to change the whole thing but I'm thinking I should have just left well enough alone. I did make some minor changes.

The backgrounds of the main page and sidebar are now white and there is only one wide sidebar. I'm not sure if I like the new post title font but I do like the larger font throughout the blog.

There are some drawbacks to the change. The wider format for the posts shifted text and images into each other, although I was finding this problem in a few places before today. The real problem is that I use to try to force blogger to arrange photos and text the way I wanted. Blogger tried to stop me and we would "fight" each other for a while. I thought I won, but I guess blogger is having the last laugh. I apologize if you find odd formatting in some of my earlier posts.

I didn't stop with blogger either. I decided to change my Meetup group South Bay Upcycled Sewing's page too. That one is even more limited than blogger!

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