Friday, October 15, 2010

Knotted Lyme Awareness Bracelets

Knotted Lyme Awarness Bracelet
$13 each 
$1 of each sale will go to Lymenaide

 As you know, I recently discovered Jewelry making and I got hooked. Yesterday I decided it was time to make a unique Lyme Awareness bracelet. My rubber awareness band is fine and definitely gets people asking what it's for, but it isn't very stylish. However, I am really liking the new combination that is residing on my right wrist.

Green beads, green thread, and LYME written in beads. A more organic version of my love-hate relationship with the petrochemical rubber awareness band. Love that it gets noticed, hate that it is soooo synthetic.

I chose not to go for symmetry with my bracelet, the beads are in random order and the LYME is offset (on the side). I make these as they are ordered so if you want symmetry or LYME centered in the middle of the bracelet be sure to let me know!

Discounts on larger orders- 5 or more knotted awareness bracelets = $10 each. 

To make a purchase visit my Etsy Store at:
Payments are via PayPal, Credit Card

Love the Combo!!!
Green awareness rubber bands are also available through Lymenaide. Since I happen to be a huge part of Lymenaide, you can easily get them added to your purchase. The prices include shipping with in the United States, there is an added fee for international shipping.
  • 20 for $50 ($2.50 each)
  • 10 for $30 ($3.00 each)
  • 5 for $17.50 ($3.50 each)
  • Under 5 = $4.00 each


  1. Got my bracelet in the mail & I love it! thanks :)

  2. I'm going to order a bracelet your right julie it is super cute!!!

  3. i'm so happy you're doing this! i was thinking of doing this kind of thing-- i have lyme & co-infections and my hands are feeling better now that i avoid food allergies. rock on. like the bracelet!


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