Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Zombie Feltie Kitty

Zombie Kitty
How Cute is this little cat? Ok, so she is supposed to be dead which is a little disturbing. You have to check out this book, Zombie Felties. There is even a Michael Jackson zombie feltie named Thrilla! The kids and I are hooked.

dead duckies
As far as easy crafts for kids go, these guys are definitely on the difficult side. Even the single skull difficulty level (which means easiest) zombies are a challenge for little hands that haven't sewn before. I was frustrated teaching the kids to tie knots and constantly reminding them which stitch they were working with, but, they loved it.

They are very proud of their little "dead ducky" creations. Not bad for a 8 and 9 year old who have never sewn before. They think they are totally ready to move on to a two skull difficulty level zombie (actually they are convinced they are ready to tackle the four star zombie surfer). I'm not so sure... I better do some yoga and practice deep breathing to prepare!

I didn't realize how small these little zombies were going to be. They are only about 2 inches tall. I had a lot of felt left over. Can't let that go to waste! I'm hosting a Meetup in Menlo Park, CA (San Francisco Bay Area) to make more of these little critters. The felt was the only supply I had to buy for this project. I already had the rest of the bits and bobs in my abundant stash of crafty goodness. I love that there is part of a bracelet that I made in high school around my zombie kitty's neck. (The black and white beads are supposed to represent an eyeball. Did you see that when you looked at the picture? Neither did I.)

Stay tuned, there are more zombie felties to come...

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