Friday, August 6, 2010

Mini Hoot Messenger Tote

Mini Hoot Messenger Tote

How cute did this mini tote turn out! I love it, but I can bare to part with it. Owls are such great animals for simple graphic design. I think there will be more of them in my future, a wallet perhaps...

I was excited to use a few of the techniques I learned at my quilting class for some of the final touches on this little bag. I finally learned what all those extra feet that came with my sewing machine are for and what they can do, so cool!

Bag Details-
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The main bag was made from a pair of my favorite NorthFace A5 cords. They were slightly too short so I rarely wore them. I think they make a better bag than they did closet decoration. 

The rest of the fabric, the owl and the lining, was made from bits and pieces of fabric my grandma gave me, leftovers from her quilting days. There are two interior pockets both made from pieces of the corduroy pants. 

I lightly frayed the bag strap for effect and stitched it onto some sturdy pre-made material that is used to make belts and straps. I used a lot of zigzag stitching for added visual appeal on this bag. The stitching is a multi-colored tread of browns, yellows and golds.

This tote is smaller than the others I have made, thus the title "mini". The bag is 8.5 inches deep, 7 inches across and roughly 2 inches wide. 

Price includes shipping and handling. To purchase an item, send an email to me at or a tweet @upcycledbyash  


  1. Do you make wider messenger bags?

  2. Yep Marti, I make bags of all sizes. You can see more on the "For Sale" page of this blog.

  3. cool chick! I am making a quilt for my Ava girl using lots of direct applique...I have a million pieces to cut out but I think it will be well loved & appreciated by my little monkey! I'm excited to try it out. =)

  4. This guy sold already to one of my best friends ever! Thanks Burbie!!!


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