Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Back in the Sewing of Things

Ready for Spring!!!
I sat behind my sewing machine again! It's been a while, I've been busy with life and Lyme. Actually I have sewn a few things that I didn't post. And, there is one annoying upcycled project that is giving me grief, it keeps breaking my needles!!!

Anyway today I made a dress! I even took all my measurements and followed the pattern. Then I totally altered it when just as I suspected, the damn thing was huge. It's better now and I have made notes for my next attempt. There is still one design flaw to work out. There is way too much fabric in the back of the dress. Seriously who wants to look like they are wearing a mu-mu from the back!!!

I love the fabric I got form Joann's with the gift card from my friend Candice. Too bad I ran out, I really need a belt! My favorite belt is great with jeans but way too big for this dress. Hmmm, to buy or to make... Maybe I will find one thriftshoping with Keri this week.

I am determined to get back on the sewing wagon from this point on. I actually have a goal for this year to learn to sew clothing confidently. I plan to focus on one thing a month, January is dresses. I think February will be skirts. I need to make sure I have my wardrobe ready for this spring!


  1. Oh no! I think you're getting me excited about sewing again and I'm not sure I can handle two crafts at once. What ever will I do?

    Your dress is cute. Looking forward to seeing it in person!

  2. GOOD, you can be my motivation!!! We can do the challenge together. It is so much easier to fit clothes if you have someone to help.

  3. Hey it looks great!! Well done! Gorgeous fabric

  4. Wow that is so awesome! the fabric is so cool-i wish i could make my own clothes- plus sized clothes are soooo boring! I would love to make stuff that was different and interesting and actually fits me right!


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