Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lyme Time

Flower Lyme Bracelet
I spent some time over the past few weeks working on mew designs for Lyme awareness jewelry. I got a bunch of new freecycle green beads and went to town!

Everything here is available for purchase at my Etsy store-
The original Knotted Lyme Awareness bracelet is also still available. Lymenaide has the rubber awareness wristbands too. No excuse for not being stylishly Lyme this year!

4 strand Lyme Awareness Bracelet

Lyme Awareness Garden Ring
There are more pictures and items posted in my Etsy store! A portion of all Lyme Green items I sell goes to Lymenaide as a donation for Lyme disease awareness projects.


  1. Hey! Can you tell me where u got those metal flowers? I cant seem to find them at my local stores and i love them!

  2. I absolutely love your jewelry and I commend you on your dedication to helping your causes. Upcycling is my favorite kind of crafting! I will link to your blog. Also, check my new blog out if you have time. Thanks!


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